10 Interesting Facts About Pueblo, Colorado

Facts About Pueblo, Colorado

Facts About Pueblo

  1. Pueblo is one of the largest steel-producing cities in the United States, for which reason Pueblo is referred to as the “Steel City”.
  2. The estimated population of Pueblo is 111,876 as of 2020, making Pueblo the ninth most populous city in Colorado.
  3. The city of Pueblo had a total area of 35,893 acres including 448 acres of water.
  4. The current city of Pueblo represents the consolidation of four towns: Pueblo, South Pueblo, Central Pueblo, and Bessemer.
  5. The Chile and Frijoles Festival celebrates the City’s biggest crops, green chillies and frijoles.
  6. Pueblo is located at 38°16′1″N 104°37′13″W (38.266933, −104.620393).
  7. Pueblo is twinned with the following sister cities Bergamo, Italy; Puebla city, Mexico; Maribor, Slovenia; Chihuahua City, Mexico; Lucca Sicula, Italy & Weifang, China.
  8. Pueblo is situated at the confluence of the Arkansas River and Fountain Creek, 112 miles south of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver.
  9. The City of Pueblo is known as the “Home of Heroes”.
  10. The elevation of Pueblo is 4,692 feet above sea level.
Facts About Pueblo, Colorado
Facts About Pueblo, Colorado