10 Interesting Facts About Rach Gia

Facts About Rach Gia

Facts About Rach Gia

  • The ceremony of Nguyễn Trung Trực is held annually in lunar August.
  • Rạch Giá was upgraded from a town to a city by Government Decree No. 97/2005/NĐ-CP on July 26, 2005.
  • Rạch Giá is the first city where the Vietnamese government applied an “lấn biển” project to build out to the ocean to expand territory. The “lấn biển” project expanded the city to become one of the biggest new cities in southwest Vietnam.
  • The city has 12 administrative units: Vĩnh Thanh Vân Ward, Vĩnh Thanh Ward, Vĩnh Lạc Ward, Vĩnh Lợi Ward, Vĩnh Quang Ward, An Hòa Ward, An Bình Ward, Rạch Sỏi Ward, Vĩnh Thông Ward, Vĩnh Hiệp Ward & Phi Thông Commune.
  • The Geographic coordinates of Rach Gia are 13m above sea level.
  • Rạch Giá is a provincial city and the capital city of Kiên Giang Province, Vietnam.
  • The Estimated Population of Rach Gia is 403,120.
  • Rach Gia was a Formerly Cambodian territory, in 1715 the flat forest-covered swamp was placed under the protection of the Nguyen rulers of Hue; its Cambodian name is Kramuon-Sa. 
  • Coordinates of Rach Gia in degrees and decimal minutes: Latitude: 10°0.747′ N, Longitude: 105°4.8546′ E.
  • Rạch Giá Airport is the biggest airport in Rạch Giá. Rạch Giá airport has flight routes to Phú Quốc and Ho Chi Minh City with Vietnam Airlines.
Facts About Rach Gia
Facts About Rach Gia