10 Interesting Facts About Trbovlje

Facts About Trbovlje

Facts About Trbovlje

  1. The town is known for its iconic Trbovlje Power Station, a tall chimney that symbolises the industrial past. The chimney, known as Trbovlje’s “Old Lady,” is one of the tallest structures in Slovenia.
  2. The written sources from 1220-30 first mention Trbovlje as “Trefeul.” Throughout history, it has been referred to as Trevůl and Trevol (1265-67), Triuella (1302), Trifeul (1325), Triueal (1330), and Triuel (1424). The name is a feminine plural noun in standard Slovene, but in the local dialect, it is used as a neuter singular adjective. This suggests that the name originated from *Trěbovľe selo, meaning “Trěbo’s village,” indicating an early area resident. The German word for Trbovlje was Trifail in the past.
  3. Trbovlje hosts an annual Festival of Flowers, a popular event that transforms the town with vibrant flower displays and decorations. The festival celebrates the beauty of nature and brings colour to the streets of Trbovlje.
  4. The total area of the city of Trbovlje is 10.2 km2 and with an average elevation of 307 m above sea level.
  5. Trbovlje has a rich industrial history and was once a significant coal-mining centre in Slovenia. The town’s economy thrived around coal mining and related industries.
  6. Trbovlje, situated in the Central Sava Valley in central-eastern Slovenia, is the tenth-largest town in the country and serves as the administrative centre of the Municipality of Trbovlje. Nestled in a valley along the banks of a minor left tributary of the Sava River, Trbovlje enjoys a picturesque location in the heart of Slovenia.
  7. Trbovlje has a strong musical heritage. It is the birthplace of the popular Slovenian rock band Laibach. The town also hosts the Trbovlje Orkester, a youth orchestra known for its talented young musicians.
  8. Trbovlje is twinned with Sallaumines, northern France since 1964. There is a street in Sallaumines named Trbovlje, and a street in Trbovlje named Sallaumines. There are also regular short-term exchanges of schoolchildren.
  9. The estimated population of Trbovlje is 13,822 as of 2020.
  10. Trbovlje is home to the Zasavje Museum, which showcases the history and cultural heritage of the Zasavje region. The museum exhibits collections related to archaeology, history, ethnology, and art.

Trbovlje Information

Trbovlje Information
Municipality of TrbovljeTrbovlje
Coordinates:46°09′N 15°03′E
Official Websitehttps://www.trbovlje.si/

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Interesting Facts About Trbovlje
Interesting Facts About Trbovlje