Municipality of Trbovlje

Municipality of Trbovlje

The Municipality of Trbovlje is a local administrative unit located in central Slovenia. It encompasses the town of Trbovlje, along with several surrounding villages and settlements.

As an independent local government body, the Municipality of Trbovlje is responsible for providing various public services and overseeing the development and welfare of the area. Its jurisdiction extends to areas such as infrastructure, education, healthcare, culture, urban planning, and environmental protection.

The municipality plays a vital role in fostering the growth and well-being of the community, working towards enhancing the quality of life for its residents and promoting sustainable development within its boundaries.

Municipality of Trbovlje Economy

The municipality has a diverse manufacturing sector that includes industries such as metalworking, machinery, chemicals, and textiles. These industries provide employment opportunities and contribute to the local economy.

Trbovlje is also known for its energy sector, with a focus on thermal power plants and other energy-related industries. The region has several thermal power plants, including the Trbovlje Power Station, which contribute to the local energy production and supply.

Trbovlje is also fostering research and innovation activities. The Trbovlje Technological Park, established to support innovative projects and promote entrepreneurship, provides a platform for collaboration between businesses, researchers, and educational institutions.

Trbovlje is also undergoing a transition towards more sustainable industries. Efforts are being made to diversify the economy and promote sectors such as renewable energy, green technologies, and eco-tourism. These initiatives aim to create new opportunities while reducing the environmental impact of traditional industries.

List of Municipality of Trbovlje Settlements

The Municipality of Trbovlje includes several settlements within its jurisdiction. Here are some of the settlements in the municipality (in Alphabetical order):

#Settlement NameSettlement Population
10Planinska Vas62
12Retje nad Trbovljami13,822
13Škofja Riža126
14Sveta Planina78
These settlements collectively form the Municipality of Trbovlje, each contributing to the diverse landscape and cultural fabric of the region.

Municipality Geography

The municipality is characterized by diverse landscapes, with a combination of valleys, hills, and mountains. The surrounding area features the picturesque Sava River Valley, which runs through Trbovlje. The nearby Kum Mountain is one of the prominent natural landmarks in the region.

The Sava River, one of the longest rivers in Europe, flows through the municipality. It serves as a significant waterway and provides opportunities for water-based recreational activities.

The region is rich in natural resources. Historically, coal mining has been a crucial industry in Trbovlje due to the presence of coal deposits. Additionally, there are some forests and agricultural areas surrounding the municipality.

Trbovlje is well-connected in terms of transportation. The A1 motorway, which connects Ljubljana with Maribor, passes near the municipality, providing convenient road access. The railway line between Ljubljana and Maribor also runs through Trbovlje, with a train station serving the town.

Municipality of Trbovlje Information

Municipality of Trbovlje Information
Total Area of the Municipality57.8 km2 (22.3 sq mi)
Estimated Population of the Municipality18,248
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