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  • Municipality of Trbovlje

    Municipality of Trbovlje


    The Municipality of Trbovlje is a local administrative unit located in central Slovenia. It encompasses the town of Trbovlje, along with several surrounding villages and settlements. As an independent local government body, the Municipality of Trbovlje is responsible for providing various public services and overseeing the development and welfare of the area. Its jurisdiction extends…

  • 10 Interesting Facts About Trbovlje

    10 Interesting Facts About Trbovlje


    Facts About Trbovlje Trbovlje Information Trbovlje Information Settled 1220s Incorporated 1850 Municipality of Trbovlje Trbovlje Coordinates: 46°09′N 15°03′E Official Website https://www.trbovlje.si/ Learn More about the Municipality Of Trbovlje