34 Informative Facts About Stockholm

Informative Facts About Stockholm

Facts About Stockholm

  1. The first mention of Stockholm occurred in 1252, sometime after the city was chartered by Birger Jarl.
  2. Skansen is the first open-air museum and zoo in Sweden and is located on the island Djurgården in Stockholm, Sweden. It was opened on 11 October 1891 by Artur Hazelius.
  3. The Stockholm hosts the annual Nobel Prize ceremonies and banquet at the Stockholm Concert Hall and Stockholm City Hall.
  4. Stockholm’s oldest surviving building is The Riddarholmen Church, a Franciscan monastery built-in 1270.
  5. The city’s Mårten Trotzigs Gränd Alley is the narrowest alley in the world, its diameter is barely 90 cm.
  6. Stockholm has 57 bridges.
  7. The Stockholm fintech hub is attracting the most capital in Europe after London.
  8. The geographical city center is situated on the water, in Riddarfjärden bay. Over 30% of the city area is made up of waterways and another 30% is made up of parks and green spaces.
  9. Stockholm is one of the cleanest capitals in the world.
  10. Stockholm hosted the 1912 Summer Olympics.
  11. The Nationalmuseum houses the largest collection of art in the country: 16,000 paintings and 30,000 objects of art handicraft.
  12. Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden.
  13. Stockholm is a unicorn factory. After Silicon Valley, the Swedish capital produces the highest number of so-called “unicorns” per capita than any other global city.
  14. The Capital Region houses 2.5 million residents, just over one-quarter of Sweden’s population, and generates over 30 percent of national economic output.
  15. Stockholm belongs to the Temperate deciduous forest biome, which means the climate is very similar to that of the far northeastern area of the United States and coastal Nova Scotia in Canada.
  16. Ericsson Globe, located just south of Stockholm’s Södermalm district, is the world’s largest hemispherical building.
  17. Swedish capital the nickname “Beauty on the Water.”
  18. Kungliga Operan, the Royal Swedish Opera, was founded by King Gustav III in 1773.
  19. More than 4 million books are borrowed from Stockholm’s libraries annually.
  20. Approximately 70,000 cyclists cross Stockholm’s city borders daily.
  21. Stockholm’s oldest surviving building is The Riddarholmen Church, a Franciscan monastery built-in 1270.
  22. The area covering Ulriksdal, Haga, Brunnsviken and Djurgården is the world’s first national city park.
  23. In 1710, a catastrophic plague obliterated about one-third of Stockholm’s population.
  24. The city’s subway is also known as the world’s longest art gallery.
  25. Stockholm houses two UNESCO World Heritage sites – the Royal Palace Drottningholm and The Woodland Cemetery
  26. The city is sometimes referred to as ‘Venice of the North’
  27. Stockholm city contains an area measuring 73 square miles.
  28. Stockholm is regarded as one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world.
  29. The House of Parliament and the National Bank are on Helgeands Island, Stockholm.
  30. Stockholm is found between Sweden’s third-largest lake, Mälaren, and the Baltic Sea.
  31. The city’s oldest section is Gamla stan (Old Town), located on the original small islands of the city’s earliest settlements and still featuring the medieval street layout.
  32. Stockholm is one of the most crowded museum-cities in the world with around 100 museums, visited by millions of people every year.
  33. Stockholm is home to 23 of Forbes’ 2000 leading companies.
  34. A computer programmer is the single most common profession in Stockholm.
Informative Facts About Stockholm
Informative Facts About Stockholm
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