8 Interesting Bernardine Park Facts

Bernardine Park Facts

Bernardine Park Facts

  1. Until the 14th century, in the territory of Bernardine garden there was a Lithuanian pagan saint oaks wood.
  2. In 1864 the Russian tsar government closed the Bernardine garden, but about twenty years later the townspeople recovered this garden. It was reconstructed according to A. V. Strauss and Jakub Jasiński project.
  3. In 2013, the Bernardine garden was reconstructed for the third time. Reconstruction works were done by „Vilnius city parks“ and partly funded by the European Union.
  4. The Bernardine Garden is a public park in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania.
  5. Bernardine Park is located on the right bank of the Vilnia River between the Gediminas Tower and Bernardine Monastery
  6. Bernardine Park covers over 9 hectares.
  7. Vilnius’ oldest oak tree, which is reportedly over 300 years old, can be found in the Bernardine Park.
  8. Rare trees such as ginkgo tree, yellow dogwood, Canadian fir & black pine can be found in the park.
Bernardine Park Facts
Bernardine Park Facts