8 Interesting Facts About Medininkai Castle

Facts About Medininkai Castle

Facts About Medininkai Castle

  1. Medininkai Castle is a medieval castle in Vilnius district, Lithuania, was built in the first half of the 14th century.
  2. The defensive perimeter of the castle was 6.5 hectares; it is the largest enclosure type castle in Lithuania.
  3. The rectangular castle’s yard covered approximately 1.8 hectares and was protected by walls 15 metres high and 2 metres thick. The castle had 4 gates and towers.
  4. After the castle’s restoration, its museum currently exhibits a large collection of items made from silver by artisans of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and collection of hunting trophies and hunting knives of President Algirdas Brazauskas.
  5. In the beginning of the 16th century, the wooden buildings in the courtyard of the Castle suffered from fire, later the abandoned castle suffered from wars in 1655 and 1812.
  6. The castle was for the first time mentioned as a military object in 1402.
  7. A permanent exhibition of Trakai History Museum opened in the keep of Medininkai Castle in 2012 and various festivals and events take place in the courtyard of the ancient castle since then.
  8. During the Second World War Germans set their gun arsenal in one of the towers of Medininkai castle. The tower was burst when Germans retreated.
Facts About Medininkai Castle
Interesting Facts About Medininkai Castle