List of Cities in Nebraska

List of Cities in Nebraska

List of Cities in Nebraska

Nebraska is a state located in the Midwestern United States that is home to more than 1.9 million people. Nebraska was established in 1854 and has a total area of 54,690 square miles.

Nebraska is divided into 93 counties and contains 531 incorporated municipalities consisting of 147 cities, 384 towns, or villages. The capital of Nebraska is Lincoln, with a population of approximately 286,388 residents; however, Omaha is the most populous city in the state with almost 479,529 people living there as of 2020.

largest cities of Nebraska are Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, Grand Island and Kearney:


Omaha is a city in the state of Nebraska, in Douglas County and the county seat of Douglas County, founded in 1854 by settlers from neighbouring Council Bluffs and named after the Native American Pawnee word for “meeting place.”

Omaha is located on the Missouri River near where it joins with the Platte River to form the Nebraska-South Dakota border. The city’s nickname, “the Good Life,” has been attributed to its low cost of living and high quality of life compared with other major cities such as Los Angeles, New York City or Chicago


Lincoln, Nebraska is the capital of the state of Nebraska, and the county seat of Lancaster County, Lincoln was founded in 1856 and incorporated in 1867. The city is named after Abraham Lincoln, who was president when it was founded in 1867.

The city’s economy is growing thanks to its thriving technology sector and access to high-speed internet service rapidly. In addition, Lincoln has one of the lowest unemployment rates among all major cities in America.


Bellevue is a small, peaceful city in Sarpy County, Nebraska, United States. The town was incorporated on July 16, 1873, by Thomas James and David R. Boyd.

The economy of Bellevue is mainly reliant on agriculture and manufacturing. The city is also known for being the birthplace of President Gerald Ford, who was born in 1913 in his family’s farmhouse.


Kearney is the county seat of Buffalo County, Nebraska, United States. Kearney is the principal city of the Kearney Micropolitan Statistical Area, which includes Buffalo and Clay counties.

The city was founded in 1870 by Dr. John R. McKennan and Mr. Charles F. Johnson who led a group of settlers to the area. The city’s official slogan is “Nebraska’s Friendliest City”.

Grand Island

Grand Island is a city in Hall County, Nebraska, United States. The city is located on an island in the Platte River and is entirely surrounded by the city of North Platte, Nebraska.

The city was founded in 1857 by settlers from Illinois and Iowa who were looking for land to grow corn and raise livestock. Over time, Grand Island became an agricultural centre and a commercial hub for the region

List of Cities in Nebraska

City Name County Type Population
Ainsworth Brown City 1,616
Albion Boone City 1,699
Alliance Box Butte City 8,151
Alma Harlan City 1,043
Arapahoe Furnas City 1,002
Ashland Saunders City 3,086
Atkinson Holt City 1,306
Auburn Nemaha City 3,470
Aurora Hamilton City 4,678
Bassett Rock City 538
Battle Creek Madison City 1,194
Bayard Morrill City 1,140
Beatrice Gage City 12,261
Beaver City Furnas City 537
Bellevue Sarpy City 64,176
Benkelman Dundy City 821
Bennington Douglas City 2,026
Blair Washington City 7,790
Bloomfield Knox City 986
Blue Hill Webster City 805
Blue Springs Gage City 282
Bridgeport Morrill City 1,454
Broken Bow Custer City 3,506
Burwell Garfield City 1,087
Cambridge Furnas City 1,071
Central City Merrick City 3,039
Chadron Dawes City 5,206
Chappell Deuel City 844
Clarkson Colfax City 641
Clay Center Clay City 735
Columbus Platte City 24,028
Cozad Dawson City 3,988
Crawford Dawes City 840
Creighton Knox City 1,147
Crete Saline City 7,099
Crofton Knox City 756
Curtis Frontier City 806
Dakota City Dakota City 2,081
David City Butler City 2,995
Deshler Thayer City 752
Edgar Clay City 428
Elgin Antelope City 717
Fairbury Jefferson City 3,970
Fairfield Clay City 330
Falls City Richardson City 4,133
Fort Calhoun Washington City 1,108
Franklin Franklin City 941
Fremont Dodge City 27,141
Friend Saline City 954
Fullerton Nance City 1,244
Geneva Fillmore City 2,136
Genoa Nance City 894
Gering Scotts Bluff City 8,564
Gibbon Buffalo City 1,878
Gordon Sheridan City 1,504
Gothenburg Dawson City 3,478
Grand Island Hall City 53,131
Grant Perkins City 1,197
Gretna Sarpy City 5,083
Hartington Cedar City 1,517
Harvard Clay City 951
Hastings Adams City 25,152
Hebron Thayer City 1,458
Henderson York City 1,080
Hickman Lancaster City 2,607
Holdrege Phelps City 5,515
Hooper Dodge City 857
Humboldt Richardson City 800
Humphrey Platte City 857
Imperial Chase City 2,068
Indianola Red Willow City 524
Kearney Buffalo City 33,790
Kimball Kimball City 2,290
La Vista Sarpy City 16,746
Laurel Cedar City 972
Lexington Dawson City 10,348
Lincoln Lancaster City 291,082
Long Pine Brown City 305
Louisville Cass City 1,319
Loup City Sherman City 1,053
Lyons Burt City 824
Madison Madison City 2,283
McCook Red Willow City 7,446
Milford Seward City 2,155
Minatare Scotts Bluff City 715
Minden Kearney City 3,118
Mitchell Scotts Bluff City 1,548
Nebraska City Otoe City 7,222
Neligh Antelope City 1,536
Nelson Nuckolls City 456
Newman Grove Madison Platte City 667
Norfolk Madison City 24,955
North Bend Dodge City 1,279
North Platte Lincoln City 23,390
Oakland Burt City 1,369
Ogallala Keith City 4,878
Omaha Douglas City 486,051
O’Neill Holt City 3,581
Ord Valley City 2,113
Osceola Polk City 875
Oshkosh Garden City 809
Osmond Pierce City 794
Papillion Sarpy City 24,159
Pawnee City Pawnee City 865
Peru Nemaha City 648
Pierce Pierce City 1,845
Plainview Pierce City 1,282
Plattsmouth Cass City 6,544
Ponca Dixon City 907
Ralston Douglas City 6,494
Randolph Cedar City 879
Ravenna Buffalo City 1,441
Red Cloud Webster City 962
Rushville Sheridan City 816
Sargent Custer City 500
Schuyler Colfax City 6,547
Scottsbluff Scotts Bluff City 14,436
Scribner Dodge City 843
Seward Seward City 7,643
Sidney Cheyenne City 6,410
South Sioux City Dakota City 14,043
Springfield Sarpy City 1,501
St. Edward Boone City 725
St. Paul Howard City 2,416
Stanton Stanton City 1,520
Stromsburg Polk City 1,143
Superior Nuckolls City 1,825
Sutton Clay City 1,447
Syracuse Otoe City 1,941
Tecumseh Johnson City 1,694
Tekamah Burt City 1,714
Terrytown Scotts Bluff City 1,057
Tilden Madison Antelope City 992
Valentine Cherry City 2,633
Valley Douglas City 3,037
Wahoo Saunders City 4,818
Wakefield Dixon Wayne City 1,522
Waverly Lancaster City 4,279
Wayne Wayne City 5,973
Weeping Water Cass City 1,029
West Point Cuming City 3,500
Wilber Saline City 1,937
Wisner Cuming City 1,239
Wood River Hall City 1,172
Wymore Gage City 1,377
York York City 8,066
Yutan Saunders City 1,347

Official source:  | Population estimated as of 2020

How many Incorporated Places are in Nebraska?

There are 532 Incorporated Places in Nebraska, as of July 1, 2021.

What are the 5 most popular cities in Nebraska?

Rank City Population
1 Omaha 479,529
2 Lincoln 286,388
3 Bellevue 63,970
4 Grand Island 51,250
5 Kearney 33,783

Source: United States Census | Population estimated as of 2020


List of Cities in Nebraska
List of Cities in Nebraska