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  • Aberdeen Historical Timeline

    Aberdeen Historical Timeline

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    Aberdeen historical timeline during the 12th and 13th century the city grew and established itself as a powerful town with strong trade routes with Germany and receiving the rights to hold weekly markets and later yearly fairs, Aberdeen started to grow, Aberdeen timeline from the 12th century to the 21st century

  • Aberdeen Coat of arms and Flag

    Aberdeen Coat of arms and Flag

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    Aberdeen Coat of Arms The coat of arms consists of three towers within a border, which are decorated with Fleur-de-lis, the three castle represent the three buildings that stood on the three hills of medieval Aberdeen, known as the Aberdeen Castle on the Castle Hill, the City gates on the Port Hill and a Chapel…

  • 10 things to do in Aberdeen

    10 things to do in Aberdeen

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    Aberdeen in the northeast port city in Scotland, it lies where Dee and don rivers meet, the city is known as the ‘Granite City’ due to its enduring grey stone buildings, the city is full of rich history and one of the major city of Scotland. Due to its connection with the northern Sea, Industries…

  • 30 Amazing Facts about Aberdeen

    30 Amazing Facts about Aberdeen

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    The city where you can find a 52 golf courses and busy harbour, Facts about Aberdeen, Aberdeen is home to Scotland’s largest permanent funfair

  • New Slain’s Castle

    New Slain’s Castle


    New Slain’s Castle Slain’s Castle is a ruined castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, The castle overlooks the North Sea, just 1 kilometre from the east of Cruden Bay. The castle has a fascinating history and has often been associated with inspiration for literature and folklore. The castle was originally built in the 16th century, Slains Castle…

  • The Tolbooth Museum

    The Tolbooth Museum

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    The Tolbooth Museum is located in one of the oldest Aberdeen buildings, The museum has displays of the local history, and development of crime and punishment, that happened through the years between the 17th and 18th centuries, and still has the original doors and barred windows. The Tolbooth Museum can be traced to 1873 when John…

  • Bullers of Buchan

    Bullers of Buchan

    The Name given to this sea cave is ‘Bullers’ which has two explanation on to why it was named ‘Bullers’ the first one is from the Scottish word, which means rushing of water and the French word ‘Bouillir’ which means ‘to boil’. However the name ‘Bullers of Buchan’ which is given for the adjacent village…

  • Johnston Gardens

    Johnston Gardens

    Johnston Gardens is a stunning and peaceful garden park, located in Aberdeen, and has won Britain in Bloon competition many times, which makes this location a must see in Aberdeen. The garden is full with flowers and shrubbery, some of the things planted in the garden are spring bulbs, Healthers and alpines, the ponds that…

  • Linn O’ Dee

    Linn O’ Dee

    The Linn of Dee is a beautiful place with waterfalls, pine trees and stunning Gothic style bridge that was built in the 1857 and opened by the Queen Victoria, the river that runs though is a 300 metres that runs from the natural gorge carved. You can also find a near by Shootings lodge, which…