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  • 40 Switzerland facts

    40 Switzerland facts

    Switzerland is a central European country, Switzerland is divided in three main geographic regions, The Jura Mountains, The Swiss Alps & the Central Plateau. Fascinating Facts About Switzerland The Official Currency of Switzerland is Swiss Franc. Traditional Swiss sports: Schwingen, Hornussen & Steinstossen. Switzerland is the only country in the world that has a square…

  • 6 Amazing Facts about Jaén

    6 Amazing Facts about Jaén

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    FUN & INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT JAEN     The City of Jaén comes from the Moorish word ‘Geen’ or ‘Jayyan’, Which means stopping post of a Caravan route. Jaén was a strategic position on the frontline between Christian Spain and Moorish Granada. Within the Jaén’s Cathedral, behind the altar, is a religious artifact, a cloth, known as the…