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  • Photographs of Salamanca

    Photographs of Salamanca

    Salamanca located in the northwestern part of Spain and is the capital city of Salamanca Province, the city dates back to the Celtic era and is known as the ‘Golden City’. Its rich history left it with stunning buildings such as the House of shells and the Plaza Mayor. Statistics and Information Elevation 802 m…

  • Photographs of Jerez de la Frontera

    Photographs of Jerez de la Frontera

    Jerez located in the southern Spain’s Andalusia region, The town dates back to Moorish times and possesses a charming old town. Information and statistics Total are: 1,188.23 km2 Elevation: 56 m Postal code: 11401 – 11409 Time zone: CET (UTC+1) Official language: Spanish Official site: www.jerez.es Photographs Location  Jerez, Cádiz, Spain Coordinates: 36°42′N 6°7′W

  • Photographs of Jaén

    Photographs of Jaén

    Jaén located in the south central part of Spain, is the capital city of the province of Jaén, and is known to be the world capital of Olive Oil, due to being the biggest producer of the oil, olive oil is known as liquid gold by the locals. Information and statistics Total area: 424.30 km2 Elevation: 573…

  • Photographs of Granada

    Photographs of Granada

    Granada is located in the southern Spain’s Andalusia region, its well known for its medieval architecture, it is also known for being the last surviving state of the medieval Al-Andalus. Information and statistics  Size Granada Province: 12,531M square meters. Mean Altitude: 662m above sea level. Density: 63 inhabitants per square meter. Average Temperature: 15C (73F).…

  • Photographs of Córdoba

    Photographs of Córdoba

    Córdoba Córdoba is a city that is part of Spain but it is located on the African continent, and once was an important Roman city, it was named as the capital of Hispania Baetica. Information & Statistics  At one time, Cordoba was the world’s largest city counting about one million residents. Cordoba was a spot…

  • Photographs of Ceuta

    Photographs of Ceuta

    Ceuta is located on the African continent but its part of Spain, located 18.5 square kilometers from the Spanish mainland, its part of the Cadiz Province. Statistics and information   Spain and Morocco have had several disagreements about the territories and a row blew up in 2016, when Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero…

  • Photographs of Alicante

    Photographs of Alicante

    Alicante beautiful city known for its stunning castle that has a hilltop view of the beautiful Mediterranean cost, with ‘white coast’ beaches. the hot temperature also attracts tourists to this destination. This port city is located on the southeastern coast blance, and is the capital city of the Alicante province. Statistics and information  Both Spanish…

  • City of Malaga

    City of Malaga

    Málaga is a port city located in the southern part of Spain, on the Costa del Sol, it’s the sixth largest city in Spain and Europe’s largest southernmost city, it’s a port city that was once known as the poor cousin of Seville, however over the years the city had a massive expansion to give…

  • La Tomatina Festival

    La Tomatina Festival

    La Tomatina is festival that happens ever year on the last Wednesday of August, located in the Bunol Town, In the Valencia province, Spain. It’s known as the ‘World’s Biggest Food Fight’. At 11 am trucks that carry the tomato’s to the town center and in tradition wait for that one brave person to climb…