Top Technologies that dominated the Year

Top Technologies that dominated the Year

Technology is moving so fast, specially the last few years, we been creating and inventing technology that movies 20 to 30 years ago was showing how the future would look like and that was science fiction, now we developed self tying shoes, drones that can be controlled by anyone to VR that failed 30 years ago.

Now technology is catching up to our imagination, we finally started to developing amazing things only time can tell what awaits us in 30 more years.

2016 didn’t disappoint us;

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is pretty much what most movies and TV shows like west world and humans, like us to believe, we just couple centuries behind, its computer systems able to perform tasks that us humans can, such as; decision making, visual perception, translation between languages, just the normal day to day activities, in short, That’s pretty much what artificial intelligence is.

As you research more and more about AI, You find it actually being used in our day to day life, When you Access the Internet and search, you find that AI is starting to self improve search ranking and search results, AI now taking over investing, making it easier and more simple for you, right now AI is making a massive breakthroughs.

This year AI even went on to make History, by beating a Go Master, its a strategy game for two players, Go board game has a ranking system simpler to martial arts, and the AI went on to beat one of the master, which is a hard thing to do.

As years go past, AI will be making improvements every year, just cant wait for it to boom and make a massive breakthrough… It wouldn’t be long till AI takes over.


Augmented and virtual reality.

AR is putting together the real life world and the virtual reality, when using the AR device you interact with virtual contents in real life and can distinguish between the two.

Virtual Reality is a simulation of three dimensional images and you can interact with, in a seemingly physical way.

AR (Augmented) and VR ( Virtual Reality) is becoming the future, taking us closer to actually experiencing games in real life, companies such as Sony, Microsoft and Facebook, all looking in VR, releasing devices that take gaming to the next level, VR isn’t a new thing, back in the 80’s VR came out but was a massive fail, now the stats show VR is a success and the market is to only improve.

AR was a massive success, Pokemon GO was such a massive success that over 100 million downloads and everyone world the world connecting together, walking round and catching Pokemon, popular sites were crowed with people.


Internet of things  streamlining.

IoT is physical devices such as vehicles, smart phones and smart devices, network of internet connected devices/objects that can collect and exchange data using embedded sensors.

Smart home devices such as light-bulbs, Switches, TVs and alarm systems all been out for a number of years but not all have been a massive success, some have failed and now devices from amazon with echo and google with home, these devices revolve around the hub and now its easier to order and ask questions you not sure about, by just calling out a name such as ‘echo’, these devices will soon be in our everyday life, making it easy to walk in to a room and have lights come on and media devices switch on, with out you pressing a button.


Robotics that teach each other

Right now robotics cant do what humans can on day to day bases because they haven’t been though a learning stage like humans have, they haven’t gone though the learn phase of picking up pens, tables and using the spoon, as humans we develop this skills as we grow up, usually during are childhood phase however robotics haven’t been though this stage, they still haven’t developed the key skills, to identifying objects like we do.

Main goal of the research of robots is for them to understand and learn how to do these simple tasks and allow other robots to analyse and use the information, all the data will be uploaded to the cloud, which then lets the robots to use this data between each other.



Here’s a list of other breakthrough that we have achieved this year:

  • Immune engineering
  • Reusable rockets
  • Autopilot by Tesla
  • Power From Air


‘we either adapt or become extinct.’