Triumph, Guyana

Triumph, Guyana


Triumph, situated in the Demerara-Mahaica region of Guyana, serves as both a village and the regional capital.

Initially, Paradise held the position of regional capital. However, a significant event occurred in 2006 when the administrative building in Paradise was destroyed by fire.

Subsequently, in 2009, a decision was made to reconstruct the administrative centre in Triumph, leading to its designation as the new regional capital.

Brief History of Triumph

In 1842, Lambert Christian purchased the land adjacent to Beterverwagting and christened it Triumph. Facing financial challenges, Christian’s land became the subject of an attempted acquisition by the residents of Beterverwagting in two separate endeavours.

The government intervened and acquired the land. Despite resistance from the villagers, supported by local media, their efforts were unsuccessful.

Over time, Triumph and Beterverwagting have fused and are commonly recognized as Beterverwagting/Triumph. These two villages now fall under the jurisdiction of the same local government.

StatusVillage & Regional Capital
Regional Capital2009
Estimated Population3,788
Coordinates6.80873°N 58.05654°W
Triumph, Guyana
Triumph, Guyana