Yakutsk City Profile

Yakutsk City Profile

Yakutsk is the capital city of the Sakha Republic, Russia. Yakutsk is located on the Lena River, making it a port city, it’s the largest and oldest city in the Yakutia region and one of the oldest cities in Siberia.

Yakutsk is an administrative, cultural, financial, and scientific centre of north-east Russia, the third city of the Far Eastern Federal District in terms of population, behind Vladivostok and Khabarovsk.

Yakutsk is situated around 450 kilometres or 280 miles south of the Arctic Circle.

The Russian settlement of Yakutsk was founded in 1632 as a fortress by Pyotr Beketov. In 1639, it became the centre of a voyevodstvo. The Voivode of Yakutsk soon became the most important Russian official in the region and directed expansion to the east and south.

The city began to grow when gold and other minerals were discovered in the 1880s. Only one road connects it to the rest of the highway system, and you have to cross the Lena River to get to it.

Facts About Yakutsh

Interesting and Informative Facts About Yakutsk that you might enjoy:

  • The Indigenous People of Yakutia, Yakuts prefer to be called Sakha.
  • Lena Pillars Nature Park in Yakutsk is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.
  • The World’s only Mammoth Museum can be found in Yakutsk.
  • Yakutia Airlines has its head office in the City.

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Flag of Yakutsh

Yakutsk City Flag
Yakutsk City Flag

The flag of Yakutsk was adopted on June 20th, 1996. The flag consists of 5 horizontal stripes: Blue, Red, White, Red, and Green.

There is a red rhombus in the centre of the white stripe. Ancient wood tower of the XVII century, in white colour, placed in the rhombus.

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The Kingdom of Permafrost takes you deep into the mountain through chilly halls and chambers of permafrost lined with stalactites of frost and fantastic ice sculptures

This museum showcases exhibits on mammoths, their habitats & history, plus life-size fossil remains. As the regional capital, Yakutsk’s has a lot more developments and projects going for it, than any other town or city in the Sakha Republic region.

  • The 2019 completion of a new rail line to the eastern bank of the Lena permitted the start of passenger rail services between Yakutsk and the rest of Russia.
  • A highway bridge over the Lena in the Okrug had been scheduled to be built by the year 2020.
Yakutsk City Profile
Yakutsk City Profile