10 Informative Facts About Hattula

Facts About Hattula

Facts About Hattula

  1. The Hattula municipality is unilingually Finnish.
  2. Hattula is a municipality of Finland. Its seat is in Parola.
  3. The main attractions of Hattula are based on the long history of the municipality as a church pilgrimage site and the location of the Parolannummi garrison.
  4. Astronomer Anders Planman was born in Hattula. He was one of the first persons to make systematical astronomical observations in Finland.
  5. The Parola Railway Station is one of the four remaining original station buildings at Finland’s first railway, located in the Municipality of Hattula.
  6. The Hattula municipality has a population of 9,489, as of 31 January 2019.
  7. A central element of the landscape in Hattula is lake Vanajavesi by which most of the oldest settlements in the area are concentrated.
  8. A notable monument is the Holy Cross Church in Hattula.
  9. The Hattula municipality covers an area of 427.39 square kilometres of which 69.55 km2 is water.
  10. The municipality of Hattula has been established in 1868.
Facts About Hattula
Informative Facts About Hattula