10 Interesting Facts About Krasnodar


Facts About Krasnodar:

  1. Krasnodar was founded on January 12, 1794.
  2. City status was granted in 1867.
  3. On December 7, 1920, as a result of the October Revolution, Yekaterinodar was renamed Krasnodar.
  4. The original name of Krasnodar was ‘Yekaterinodar’, The name meant “Catherine’s Gift”.
  5. Catherine of Alexandria, who is considered to be the patron of the city.
  6. The population of Krasnodar is 990,203, as of 2017.
  7. Krasnodar is twinned with: Tallahassee, United States; Karlsruhe, Germany; Burgas, Bulgaria; Harbin, China & Ferrara, Italy.
  8. The main industries of Krasnodar: Agriculture and food industry, Energy sector, Fuel industry, Machine construction & Forestry and chemical industries.
  9. The coat of arms of Yekaterinodar was introduced in 1841 by the Cossack yesaul Ivan Chernik.
  10. Krasnodar is a city in Southern Russia on the Kuban River.

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