10 Interesting Facts About Zalaegerszeg

Facts About Zalaegerszeg

Facts About Zalaegerszeg

  1. Zalaegerszeg lies on the banks of the Zala River, close to the Slovenian and Austrian borders
  2. The area was already inhabited in the Upper Paleolithic, according to archaeological findings.
  3. Zalaegerszeg is the administrative centre of Zala county in western Hungary.
  4. Zalaegerszeg hosted the 2004 European Women’s Handball Championship preliminary round, the 2005 UEFA Women’s Under-19 Championship and the 2005 European Fencing Championships.
  5. Zalaegerszeg is twinned with Klagenfurt, Austria; Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Dobrich, Bulgaria; Varaždin, Croatia; Varkaus, Finland; Kusel, Germany; Marl, Germany; Gorizia, Italy; Krosno, Poland; Târgu Mureş, Romania; Surgut, Russia; Lendava, Slovenia & Kherson, Ukraine.
  6. Zalaegerszeg hosted the 1983 World Orienteering Championships.
  7. The Geographic Coordinates of Zalaegerszeg: 46.84538°N 16.84721°E.
  8. The Estimated population of Zalaegerszeg is 58 291.
  9. The first written mentions of the town areas Egerscug (1247) and Egerszeg (1293); the name means “alder-tree corner” and is probably a reference to the town’s situation in the angle where two rivers meet.
  10. On 31 May 1885 Zalaegerszeg became a town again, after losing its town status, In 1870.
Facts About Zalaegerszeg
Facts About Zalaegerszeg