7 Interesting Facts About Loen

Facts About Loen

Facts About Loen

  1. Loen is a village in Stryn Municipality in Vestland county, Norway.
  2. The Hotel Alexandra was established in Loen in 1884.
  3. Loen is the home to some of the oldest farms in Norway, They were probably established long before the time of Christianity.
  4. Much of the upper Loen valley was devastated from two rockfall slides (one in 1905 and one in 1936) that created huge waves that swept with them most of the houses and vegetation, 135 people were killed in these two incidents.
  5. The Loen Skylift is located in Loen, The building process started in 2015, and it was inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway on 20 May 2017.
  6. Loen is located about 6 kilometers north of the village of Olden and about 11 kilometers southeast of the municipal center of Stryn.
  7. The Population of Loen is around 398, as of 2019. 
Facts About Loen
Facts About Loen


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