8 Interesting Facts About Sillamäe

Facts About Sillamäe

Facts About Sillamäe

  1. The locality of Sillamäggi was first mentioned in 1502 when the area was under the control of Livonian Order. The bridge across Sõtke and a mill in Sillamäggi were documented in 1700.
  2. In 1957, Sillamäe officially gained town status.
  3. Sillamäe is located at the mouth of Sõtke River.
  4. The area of Sillamäe covers an area of 10.54 km².
  5. A new stage of Sillamäe’s development started after World War II. For a long time Sillamäe was not marked on a map, as the address of the town was used as a special code.
  6. The industry began to appear in Sillamäe in 1920 when the Estonian-Swedish slate factory, power station and port were built here.
  7. The town itself often is named a pearl. In Estonia there is no other place where the architectural ensemble in the style of 40-50 years of the last century was so kept.
  8. As of 2017, the Population of Sillamäe is 13,288.
Facts About Sillamäe
Interesting Facts About Sillamäe

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