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  • Durham University Botanic Garden

    Durham University Botanic Garden

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    The Durham university Botanic lawn is a botanical lawn located in Durham, the garden is is 25 acres of mature woodlands inside the southern outskirts of the city. The botanic gardens had been placed on their present site in view that 1970 before being officially opened in 1988 by the then Chancellor Dame Margot Fonteyn…

  • Durham Statistics and figures

    Durham Statistics and figures

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    Durham in numbers POPULATION Source: UK National Statistics [su_table] Population 50,000 (2011) Students 17,505 (2014) Males  24,049 (2011) Females  23,736 (2011) Age Distribution: 0-14 years 5,170 (2011)  Age Distribution: 15-29 years 17,341 (2011) Age Distribution: 30-44 years 7,239 (2011) Age Distribution: 45-59 years 7,807 (2011) Age Distribution: 60-74 years 6,892 (2011) Age Distribution: 75+ years 3,336 (2011) [/su_table] TOTAL…

  • Crook Hall

    Crook Hall

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    Crook Hall is a 14th century Manor, located less than a mile from the centre of Durham. The manor was built in sandstone with a Welsh slate roof, one of the oldest parts of the manor can be dated back to the 14th century and an extension was made in the 18th century and is surrounded…

  • Durham Castle

    Durham Castle

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    The Durham Castle was built in 1072, orders of William the Conqueror and supervision of Earl of Northumberland, Waltheof, However he rebelled against William and was executed in 1076. The castle was under control of Bishop of Durham, who purchased the earldom and thus becoming the first of the Prince-Bishops of Durham, this tittle had…

  • HMS Frigate Unicorn

    HMS Frigate Unicorn

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    HM Frigate Unicorn is almost 200 years old built in Chatham Dockyard, Kent and was lunched in 1824, It’s one of the worlds most remarkable historic ship, and the last surviving wooden warship in Scotland also one of the worlds six oldest ships. HM Frigate Unicorn is now preserved as a historic ship and visitor…

  • Law, Dundee

    Law, Dundee

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    The Law is located on a Mountain Peak in Dundee, Scotland. It’s predominant feature is an extinct volcano, which gives it its name. It’s also said that the Dundee Law was given it’s name by the Anglo-Saxon ‘hlāw’, which means a grave-mound or from the Gaelic phrase for a mound. The is a secret tunnel which…

  • Verdant Works

    Verdant Works

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    Verdant Works is the only Scotland’s Jute Museum in United Kingdom, it was a former jute mill however it was purchased by Dundee Heritage in 1991. Tells the story of Dundee’s textile industries, focusing primarily on the jute and linen industries. The trust restored the homes and opened them in 1996 as a museum dedicated…

  • Dundee Statistics and figures

    Dundee Statistics and figures

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    Dundee In Numbers POPULATION [su_table] Population 148,270 2016 Number of Births 1715 2015 Number of deaths 4,842 2012-2014 Average migration in 6,987 2012-2014 Average migration out 6,676 2012-2014 Life Expectancy at Birth Male 75.3 2012-2014 Life Expectancy at Birth female 80.2 2012-2014 Number of people marrying 1,084 2014 Students 15,865 2015 [/su_table] INCOME AND EARNINGS [su_table]…

  • Broughty Castle

    Broughty Castle

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    Broughty Castle positioned on the bank of the river Tay, it was build it 1495 and has been used as a defensive position for many centuries until 1969 when it opened a museum. George Douglas, the 4th Earl of Angus who fortified the castle in 1454 and later on his son Archibald Douglas coerced into the…