20 Milan Facts


Milan Summary

Milan is the capital city of the Lombardy Region, It’s known as one of the world’s four fashion capitals, The wider Milan metropolitan area, known as Greater Milan. An estimated total population of 7.5 million, making it by far the largest metropolitan area in Italy.

Milan Facts

  1. Milan is the second-largest Italian City, only just after Rome.
  2. In the 1500s Milan was ruled by the Spanish & later was ruled by the Austrians in the 1700s. 
  3. Milan has hosted the world’s fair in 1906 & in 2015.
  4. The first-ever Skyescaper built in Italy is the Pirelli Tower, located in Milan. 
  5. Milan has the most skyscrapers in Italy. 
  6. Milan is the capital city of the province of Milano and the regional capital of Lombardy. 
  7. The highest point of Milan is 122 meters above sea level. 
  8. Milan covers a total area of 70 square miles.
  9. Milan has the highest per capita income in Italy.
  10. Leonardo da Vinci invented the first water lock for the Milanese channel.
  11. Over 20% of the Milan population is made up of foreign immigrants.
  12. The Duomo di Milano is the largest Cathedral in all of Italy. 
  13. Mediolanum was founded by Insubres, a Celtic people. It was captured by the Romans in 222 BC.
  14. The Pinacoteca di Brera is one of the most important art galleries in all of Italy.
  15. Milan is the fashion capital of the world.
  16. The only stock exchange in Italy is located in Milan. 
  17. Two of the biggest Football Clubs are located in Milan, FC Inter and FC Milan. 
  18. Milan is considered to be the 12th most expensive city in the world.
  19. Milan is an English word that has been derived from the Lombard while it is called Milano in Italian.
  20. Milan was declared the capital of the Cisalpine Republic when Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Italy in 1796.
Facts about Milan