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  • Evolution of Trevi fountain

    Evolution of Trevi fountain

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    Evolution of Trevi fountain, situated in the trevi district in Rome, built in 1762 & designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi, How Trevi fountain Changed over the years

  • Republic of Italy Timeline

    Republic of Italy Timeline


    Italy is a sovereign state in Europe, situated in the heart of the mediterranean sea. Italy covers an area of 301,338 km2. Shares open land borders with France, Austria, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City and Slovenia. Italy was certainly influenced by many powerful cultures and political forces over time, including the Byzantines, Etruscans and Greeks,…

  • United Kingdom Timeline

    United Kingdom Timeline

    United Kingdom Timeline, The United Kingdom is a union of individual countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and its reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, United Kingdom Timeline, Chronicle events and historical timeline

  • 15 Fascinating Kaliningrad Facts

    15 Fascinating Kaliningrad Facts


    Fascinating Facts About Kaliningrad Kaliningrad is the administrative centre of Kaliningrad Oblast, a Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea. Kaliningrad was formally known as Königsberg (1254 to 1945) and was the capital city of the German province of East Prussia. The Population of Kaliningrad is mostly Russian. 87.4% Russian, 3.8% Belarusian and…

  • Aberdeen Historical Timeline

    Aberdeen Historical Timeline

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    Aberdeen historical timeline during the 12th and 13th century the city grew and established itself as a powerful town with strong trade routes with Germany and receiving the rights to hold weekly markets and later yearly fairs, Aberdeen started to grow, Aberdeen timeline from the 12th century to the 21st century

  • 50 Fun and Interesting Facts About England

    50 Fun and Interesting Facts About England


    FUN & INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT ENGLAND England’s Highest Point is the Scafell Pike, standing at 3210 ft. The Lowest Point in England is the Fens, 15 feet below sea level. The Longest River in England is the Thames, 346 km However the Severn is Official Britain’s longest river. The Largest lake in England is Windermere, 14.7…

  • National Symbols of England

    National Symbols of England


    Englands National Symbols includes the National Animal Lion, National Tree Oak, National Flower Rose, National Banner, National Sports Cricket and Football, Flag and even the National Anthem and Motto and the Royal Family

  • Madrid Historical Timeline

    Madrid Historical Timeline

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    Madrid was known as Madjerît in the 10th century by the Moors and was later conquered by King of Leon, Ramiro I, however this was only for a brief time, as the Moors took the city back, the city was controlled by the Moors until 1083, when King Alfonso VI took undisputed possession of the…

  • Museum of the 20th Century

    Museum of the 20th Century

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    Museum of the 20th Century first opened its doors in April 1994, situated in Oostereiland, a peninsula in the harbour of Hoorn