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  • 20 Amazing Turin Facts
  • Republic of Italy Timeline

    Republic of Italy Timeline


    Italy is a sovereign state in Europe, situated in the heart of the mediterranean sea. Italy covers an area of 301,338 km2. Shares open land borders with France, Austria, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City and Slovenia. Italy was certainly influenced by many powerful cultures and political forces over time, including the Byzantines, Etruscans and Greeks,…

  • 80 fascinating Facts About Italy

    80 fascinating Facts About Italy


    Fascinating Facts About Italy, the espresso machine was invented in Italy, Italy is the world’s largest producer of wine Italy facts Italian is the closest to latin

  • Lungo il Tevere Festival

    Lungo il Tevere Festival

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    Lungo il Tevere Festival is a summer-long festival with live music, bars, craft stalls and exhibitions as well as film screenings and sports activities all surrounding the banks of the river Tiber, Every year between 9th of July and the 3rd of September

  • 40 Amazing Facts about Rome

    40 Amazing Facts about Rome

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    Fun & Interesting  Facts About Rome Rome Hosted the 1960 Summer Olympics. Rome is the seat of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, FAO. Rome became the capital city of Kingdom of Italy in 1870, which was previously held by Florence. Rome is known as the “Caput Mundi”, which translates from Latin, means “Capital of…

  • Lucca Coat of Arms and Flag

    Lucca Coat of Arms and Flag

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    Lucca Coat of Arms   Truncated silver and red. The coat of arms is surmounted by a marquis crown and is surrounded by a branch of oak and one of laurel knotted together by a red ribbon with white lines. In the ancient times, Lucca adopted the arms of the various Lords ruling the town…

  • Ponte della Maddalena

    Ponte della Maddalena

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    Ponte Della Maddalena is a beautiful bridge situated near the town of Borgo a Mozzano, Its official name in Italian means the Bridge of Mary Magdalene, nevertheless, it is better known by its satanic nickname “Devil’s Bridge”. This probably comes from its amazing shape, a feat of technology for the 11th century when it was…

  • San Michele in Foro

    San Michele in Foro

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    The San Michele in Foro, is among the most beautiful and the most enchanting historic structure of the city of Lucca, it was mentioned for the very first time in 795. It’s an Ancient Rome Catholic Church that was built on the remains of the old Ancient Rome forum. Until 1370, the church was the…

  • 10 Amazing Facts about Lucca

    10 Amazing Facts about Lucca

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    FUN & INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT LUCCA   The City of Lucca was founded by the Etruscans. Lucca is the capital city of the Province of Lucca. The City is situated on the river Serchio and has very fertile plains near the Tyrrhenian Sea. Lucca Became a Roman village in 180 BC. Napoleon took over the city…