10 Interesting Facts About Kohtla-Järve

Facts About Kohtla-Järve

Facts About Kohtla-Järve

  1. The history of Kohtla-Järve is closely tied to the history of extraction of oil shale, the main mineral of Estonia.
  2. After Soviet Union collapsed and Estonia regained independence in 1991 the number of city districts decreased, as Jõhvi, Kiviõli and Püssi became separate towns.
  3. Kohtla-Järve is twinned with: Outokumpu, Finland; Norderstedt, Germany; Kėdainiai, Lithuania; Saransk, Russia; Veliky Novgorod, Russia; Slantsevsky District, Russia; Kingiseppsky District, Russia; Korostyshiv, Ukraine; Wyszków, Poland; Salihorsk, Belarus & Staffanstorp, Sweden.
  4. Kohtla-Järve was founded in 1924 and incorporated as a town in 1946.
  5. Kohtla-Järve is the fifth-largest city in Estonia.
  6. Järve and Kukruse villages were first mentioned in 1241 by the names Jeruius and Kukarus respectively, and Sompa village in 1420 by the name Soenpe.
  7. The Population of Kohtla-Järve is 35,187, as of 2017.
  8. Kohtla-Järve is known for its chemical industry.
  9. The city is subdivided into four administrative districts.
  10. The Kohtla-Järve is very diverse ethnically: it contains people of over 40 ethnic groups.
Facts About Kohtla-Järve
Facts About Kohtla-Järve