8 Interesting Facts About Cam Ranh

Facts About Cam Ranh

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Facts About Cam Ranh

  • Cam Ranh is the second-largest city in the province, after Nha Trang.
  • Cam Ranh covered an area of 316 km².
  • The estimated population of Cam Ranh is 121,050
  • Cam Ranh is a city in southern Khánh Hòa Province, in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam.
  • Cam Ranh Airport was built by the United States Navy during the Vietnam War and operated by the United States Air Force for military purposes as Cam Ranh Air Base.
  • The geographic Coordinates of Cam Ranh: 11°54′49″N 109°8′13″E
  • Cam Ranh has a tropical savanna climate (Köppen climate classification: As).
  • Cam Ranh is located on Cam Ranh Bay.
Facts About Cam Ranh
Facts About Cam Ranh
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