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Quirky and Retro Bars in Birmingham

Birmingham is known for its industrial revolution and the second largest city in England but what you don’t know is the fact that it’s a really popular city with a upbeat nightlife, that would definitely make you want to come back and spend more time exploring it.
I have seriously enjoyed many nights out in Birmingham, but still have missed a lot of under ground bars that only a handful of people know about.

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Past & Present: Birmingham, England Photographs

Birmingham located in the West Midlands, is the second largest city in United Kingdom and has six universities and has a redeveloping plan which will make Birmingham more modern, things like the new grand center station and library of Birmingham are just the start of rebuilding Birmingham, both football league and Lawn Tennis originates from …

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Cardiff, Wales Photographs

Cardiff is the capital city of wales, It’s the 11th largest city in United kingdom, It also has its own rich history and its own language Welsh however English is spoken as the countries main language.

The photo’s locations are the Cardiff Cardiff Bay, Castle, Millennium Centre, Roald Dahl Plass, Roath Park, National Museum Cardiff and many other place.

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10 Iconic Attractions To See In Birmingham

Birmingham is the second largest city in England and is located in West Midlands, It’s also known as the Workshop of the World, because this is the place that industrial Revolution began, After the industrial Revolution the city changed its factory and warehouses in to apartment building, studios, art galleries and much more, It’s also a very popular location for business travellers and tourists. Here are the most iconic attractions you should see in Birmingham.

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10 Iconic Attractions To See In London

London is a city loved by millions, it’s unique personality is build upon its rich history, with iconic landmarks and world class fashion, art and food scenes, you really can’t wonder around London and not come across the city’s attractions, this is why London attracts millions of people every year

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Paris Photographs

Paris is the capital city of France, Its a global center for art, fashion, Gastronomy and Culture, the city has amazing architecture, the famous Eiffel Tower is known by everyone and is highly Tourist place.

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