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  • Library of Birmingham

    Library of Birmingham

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    The Library of Birmingham is a public library in Birmingham, England. It’s located on the west side of the city at Centenary square, next to Birmingham Rep and Baskerville house. Opened on the third of September 2013, it changed Birmingham significant Library. The library, that is anticipated to have cost of £188.8 million, is considered…

  • Parque Marítimo del Mediterráneo

    Parque Marítimo del Mediterráneo

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    The Parque Marítimo del Mediterráneo is a enjoyment complex covering 55,000 m² placed within the self sustaining Spanish city of Ceuta, bordering northern Morocco. It includes three synthetic lakes of salt water, filtered without delay from the sea. It turned into designed through the flexible Lanzarote-born artist César Manrique and inaugurated in 1995, almost three…

  • Santa Bárbara Castle

    Santa Bárbara Castle

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    Santa Bárbara castle is a fortification in the middle of Alicante, Spain. It stands on Mount Benacantil. Bronze Age, Iberian, and Roman artifacts have been found at the slopes of the mountain, but the origins of the citadel date to the ninth century at the time of Muslim manage of the Iberian Peninsula, from 711…

  • Casa de los Dragones

    Casa de los Dragones

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    Casa de los Dragones or residence of the Dragons is an important landmark in the Spanish exclave of Ceuta at the north coast of Africa, and an great instance of eclectic architecture. The house is on a nook of Kings rectangular. The constructing changed into intended to take the name of the Cerni González brothers,…

  • Stedelijk Museum

    Stedelijk Museum

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    The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, opened on 14 September 1895 as an initiative of the neighborhood authority and private people. The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Municipal Museum Amsterdam, colloquially known as the Stedelijk, is a museum for present day artwork, current artwork, and design located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The nineteenth century constructing turned into designed with the…

  • El Postiguet beach

    El Postiguet beach

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    El Postiguet beach is famend for the excellent of its sand, its palm tree boardwalk and its cafes. Together with its proximity to the old zone. There are zones reserved for playing sports which include seashore volleyball, and plenty of car parking areas nearby, both public and private. El Postiguet seaside provides access and support…

  • Calahorra Tower

    Calahorra Tower

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    Calahorra Tower is a fortified gate inside the ancient center of Córdoba. The Tower was built in the late 12th century, to protect the close by roman bridge, by Almohad Caliphate, The tower which stands on the left bank of the river, the tower was built for an arched gate between the two towers. The la…

  • Roman temple of Córdoba

    Roman temple of Córdoba

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    The Spanish metropolis of Córdoba has the remains of a Roman temple, the temple was found in the 1950’s, when the City Hall had an expansion. Córdoba had other temples however this was one of the more important temples, the only known by archaeological excavation. It is a Pseudoperipterus, hexastyle and of Corinthian order temple…

  • Cadbury World Birmingham

    Cadbury World Birmingham

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    Cadbury international is a traveler attraction, proposing a self-guided exhibition excursion, created and run by the Cadbury chocolate agency. Cadbury international become opened on 14 August 1990 with the aid of Morgan Anderson on Cadbury’s Bournville. Cadbury world has long gone directly to end up certainly one of Birmingham’s biggest enjoyment attractions – welcoming over…