November 2016

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Best Travel Tips

Just bit of advise for people who love to travel and those who always wanted to travel Don’t Go Into Debt Travelling abroad can be costly specially when you add up flights, transport, accommodations and food costs, having to travel abroad will leave a dent in your wallet. Making sure you save money before going …

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Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great city to visit, it has one of the friendliest environments for tourists, from art to nightlife its a experience that everyone must have even if you only there for a fortnight or a weekend.

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20 Best Countries To Travel For English Speakers

Travelling around the world can bring a lot of challenges however language barriers is one of the biggest problems, however EF Educations First have ranked 72 countries by English proficiency and have stated which are the top 20 countries where English will travel the best.

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12 ways Opening a Beer via Giphy

We all know that some times opening a bottle of beer is simple and can be done in seconds with a bottle opener but what if you don’t have a bottle opener and don’t like using your teeth, here are some gifs that will amaze you, some people can be very talented doing something silly as opening a bottle of beer.

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Last Minute Travels

Travelling can be a stressful time, specially when its a last minute vacation, however most people don’t take any time off from their stressful work life, but having a holiday is really an important part of having a balanced life style. who knew traveling is actually helpful.

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