25 Amazing Fact about Aberdeen

facts about aberdeen

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Fun & Interesting Facts About Aberdeen

  1. The first stern trawler was built in Aberdeen.

  2. The local people sometimes speak in a dialect called Doric, They are called Aberdonians.

  3. Aberdeen used to be known as the energy city because of its booming offshore oil industry.

  4. The Aberdeen area has the largest number of whiskey distilleries of any whisky producing area in Scotland

  5. Aberdeen has the busiest civilian heliport in the world.

  6. Charles Cameron from Aberdeen designed many buildings in St Petersburg during the reign of Catherine the Great.

  7. More medieval coin hoards have been found in Aberdeen than anywhere else in Britain.

  8. Aberdeen is called the “Silver City by the Golden Sands”.

  9. Planted in 1935, the maze in Hazlehead Park is Scotland’s oldest.

  10. There are over 30 places named Aberdeen throughout the world, Towns and cities called Aberdeen can be found in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa.

  11. Sir David Gill, who took the first photograph of the moon in 1868, was born in Aberdeen.

  12. Union Street is named to commemorate the Union of Britain and Ireland.

  13. The self-seal envelope was developed in Aberdeen.

  14. Patrick Gordon from Aberdeen was the principal military instructor of Peter the Great of Russia.

  15. Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire have over 52 golf clubs, one for every week of the year.

  16. The Aberdeen Journal, one of the Press and Journal’s ancestors, is one of the oldest newspapers in Britain, first printed in 1748.

  17. The National Lottery has produced more than 40 millionaires in Aberdeen alone, making the city one of Scotland’s luckiest postcodes.

  18. Sir Winston Churchill was granted the Freedom of the City of Aberdeen in 1946.

  19. The Tolbooth Museum is one of the best preserved 17th-century jails in Scotland.

  20. The First ever seated stadium was Pittodrie Stadium.

  21. Aberdeen Harbour is one of the best locations for dolphin.

  22. Aberdeen is home to Scotland’s largest permanent funfair.

  23. The Robert Gordon University launched the UK’s first-degree course in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

  24. Aberdeen Harbour Board, established in 1136, is Britain’s oldest business.

  25. The Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen has produced 3 Nobel Laureates.

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