40 Interesting Facts About California

Facts About California

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Facts About California

  • The economy of the State of California is the largest in the United States, boasting a $3.2 trillion gross state product.
  • California became the 31st state to join The United States of America on September 9, 1850.
  • The first-ever supersonic flight was achieved over lake Muroc, California in a Bell-XS 1 rocket aircraft.
  • California is the third-largest state, It’s 1,040 miles long, and 560 miles wide.
  • Mount Whitney is the highest mountain in the contiguous United States and the Sierra Nevada, with an elevation of 14,505 feet.
  • California is the birthplace of the internet.
  • Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and his crew on September 28, 1542, were the first Europeans to enter California.
  • Shortened forms of the state’s name include CA, Cal., Calif.
  • California contains 9 national parks, United States of America has 59 national parks in total.
  • The two most prominent rivers within California are the Sacramento River and the San Joaquin River.
  • The California grizzly bear, which is also the state animal is now extinct.
  • The first motion picture theatre was opened in Los Angeles on April 02, 1902.
  • The Hollywood Bowl is the largest outdoor amphitheatre in the United States.
  • The capital city of California is Sacramento.
  • California is referred to as the “Land of Milk and Honey”, as well as other nicknames, such as the “El Dorado State”, the “Grape State” and the “Golden State”.
  • Every year, over 10,000 earthquakes happen in California.
  • Yosemite Falls in Yosemite National Park is the tallest waterfall in the United States.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger became the governor of California on October 07, 2003.
  • California’s biodiversity stems from exceptional variation in landscape features, latitudinal range, geological substrates and soils, and climatic conditions, resulting in a wide range of ecosystems to support plant and animal species.
  • Levi Strauss, a 44-year-old German immigrant, invented the first blue jeans in San Francisco on May 20, 1873.
  • The first McDonald’s fast-food restaurant was opened in San Bernardino, California in 1940.
  • The majority of California’s residents belong to a minority ethnic group, one out of every four Californians was not born in the U.S.
  • The five largest sectors of employment in California are trade, transportation, and utilities; government; professional and business services; education and health services; and leisure and hospitality.
  • California is the only state that has hosted both the summer and winter Olympics. The city of Los Angeles hosted the 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics, while Squaw Valley hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics.
  • California has 41 mountains exceeding 10,000 feet in height.
  • Contrasting San Bernardino, Alpine County is California’s smallest county, with 465,030 acres of land.
  • The Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley, California recorded the hottest precisely-recorded temperature on Earth at 56.7 °C (134 °F) on July 10, 1913.
  • Four of the world’s largest 10 firms by revenue: Apple, Chevron, and McKesson are headquartered in California.
  • California is organized into three branches of government, the executive branch consisting of the Governor and the other independently elected constitutional officers; the legislative branch consisting of the Assembly and Senate; and the judicial branch consisting of the Supreme Court of California and lower courts.
  • The official flag of the U.S. state of California is known as the Bear Flag.
  • California contains both the highest point, Mount Whitney, and the lowest point, Death Valley, in the contiguous United States.
  • The United States Census Bureau estimates that the population of California was 39,512,223 on July 1, 2019.
  • California produces more than 80 per cent of the world’s almonds.
  • The original Disneyland theme park was built in Anaheim, California in 1955.
  • The largest living tree in the world is in California’s Sequoia National Park, named General Sherman.
  • The California redwood tree became the designated California state tree in 1937.
  • California is considered the Artichoke Capital of the World.
  • California is home to four of the world’s ten richest people.
  • California was an independent country, known as the independent California Republic, for one month in 1846.
  • Oil fields were discovered beneath Los Angeles in the 1890s, and by 1930, California was responsible for a quarter of the world’s petroleum production.


Interesting Facts About California
Interesting Facts About California
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