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  • Sint-Petrus-en-Pauluskerk


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    Sint-Petrus-en-Pauluskerk is known as the church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, is a Roman Catholic Neo-Gothic church, Sint-Petrus-en-Pauluskerk replaced the old St Peters church which burned down in 1896, King Leopold II laid the first stone in 1901, Sint-Petrus-en-Pauluskerk treasures include embroidered robes

  • Malaga Cathedral

    Malaga Cathedral

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    Malaga Cathedral was built in 1782 on a former mosque site, the cathedral of Malaga is known as ‘La Manquita’ which translates to ‘ the one-armed lady’. The cathedral was consecrated on 3 August 1588, The interior of the Cathedral is influenced by the Baroque and Renaissance style, Malaga Cathedral

  • 20 Sagrada Familia Facts

    20 Sagrada Familia Facts

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    Fun and Interesting Facts About Sagrada Familia Gaudí disliked straight lines and angles because they don’t often appear naturally. Instead, he based his design on the swirling curves of nature. The construction of La Sagrada Familia has been funded by donations. The Sagrada Familia has lights all around it, so at night, it glows a bright…

  • 10 Malaga Cathedral Facts

    10 Malaga Cathedral Facts

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    Fun and interesting facts about Malaga Cathedral, La Manquita was built between 1528 and 1782 and is the second highest cathedral in Andalusia, the cathedral has its own gardens and is styled in Renaissance and Baroque style, the cathedral is technically still unfinished

  • San Michele in Foro

    San Michele in Foro

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    The San Michele in Foro, is among the most beautiful and the most enchanting historic structure of the city of Lucca, it was mentioned for the very first time in 795. It’s an Ancient Rome Catholic Church that was built on the remains of the old Ancient Rome forum. Until 1370, the church was the…

  • Jerez de la Frontera Cathedral

    Jerez de la Frontera Cathedral

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    Jerez de la Frontera Cathedral was built in the 17th century, above a former mosque and its construction resulted in the modification of adjacent streets and the creation of new areas such as the Plaza de la Encarnación. Architecture  The interior of the Cathedral has five naves. Its covers with simply ribbed vaults from side passages…

  • La Magdalena, Jaén

    La Magdalena, Jaén

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    La Magdalena, Jaén is known as Church of Santa María Magdalen, its one of the oldest buildings in Jaé, The church was built on the foundations of a mosque that had been erected in 825 by Abderraman II and redesigned by Andrés de Vandelvira. The entrance to the church is decorated in stunning Elizabethan Gothic…